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Regardless if you are American or British you still need a good covering letter. We all know that a hiring manager’s time is valuable and spending it reviewing resumes (or CV’s) is not how they want to spend their time. They are looking for reasons to cut the stack of resumes on their desk in half. For example a majority of the time if there is no cover letter, the resume is not even looked at. This is a standard practice in American and also in Britain what’s even worst is, if there is a covering letter it’s poorly written and doesn’t pertain to the company or the position at all. You risk running into that situation if you use a sample covering letter that is not your own.

The key point in writing a good covering letter is to stay focused on the end result of getting an interview. You should not be afraid of asking for that interview. Do not do what a majority of job hunters today do and that is hope and wait you get a call after your resume is read. You will probably be waiting a long time. You want to make sure there is no doubt that you will get called for an interview. Start off by addressing your letter to a specific person. Addressing it to a “sir or madam” or even worse to “whom it may concern” is a surefire way to earn a ticket to nowhere fast.

.Focus on the company and what you can do for the company. You are going to have to do your research for this one. Focus on showing the company that you understand them and their needs. Focus on selling yourself as the solution to their hiring needs. This can make a world of difference to a cv 格式 hiring manager. It shows you have a real interest in the company. There is no way a covering letter sample can do that for you. No matter how much you tweak one, it’s just not worth it. Instead of spending the time trying to tweak a covering letter sample, just write one yourself. It’s much less of a headache and hassle.

You also want to bring a little focus to your resume. You need to show in your covering letter that you meet their qualifications. Not only do you meet them, you meet them better than anyone else. You need to sell yourself. You need to show the hiring manager that interviewing you is in the best interest of the company. You want to keep this simple but impressive. You don’t have to go through every aspect of your resume. List only those that the hiring manager would want to know. How can a covering sample letter do that for you? There is just no amount of tweaking that you can do to a sample letter that will get that right. Your letter will just come across rushed, and unorganized and even worse unfocused. Your covering letter sample would be on its way to becoming fast friends with the trash can or shredder.

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