Five Ways to Alleviate Migraine Pain

Migraine pain can be rather disabling and greatly disruptive to your career, family and social life. Besides feeling the throbbing pain in one area of your head, very often migraine pain is accompanied by nausea and vomiting. If you suffer from chronic migraine, migraine pain management is something you would need to learn.

Here are five ways to alleviate migraine pain:

1) Get Adequate Rest And Relaxation

Stress, inadequate sleep or disrupted sleep patterns are potential migraine triggers. Find time to do something you enjoy and are passionate about. Be sure to get sufficient sleep each day. Sleep in a darkened room that is well ventilated and without any scented candles if you are sensitive 脈衝治療器 to odours. Try to sleep at a fixed time each night and give yourself time to unwind before you sleep. Turn off the television and computer, not forgetting your cellphone as well.

2) Exercise

Exercise allows the pent-up energy that stress produces to dissipate. At the same time, your body releases endorphins that not only makes you feel good about yourself, it also acts as a natural analgesic resulting in instant migraine pain relief. Walking, running, swimming, aerobics and water aerobics are excellent choices.

3) Watch Your Diet

Be sure to eliminate potential migraine food triggers from our diet. Alternatively you can substitute these dietary triggers with safer choices. Read your labels carefully and avoid monosodium glutamate and food additives as much as possible. Limit alcohol and caffeine. Drink water instead of carbonated and energy drinks. Replace hot dogs and cured meats with fresh chicken and fish instead. This is because migraine attacks have been linked to sodium nitrite which is found in processed meat.

4) Get A Massage

Visit a certified massage therapist who will then apply manual pressure to the pain joints on your head and neck to alleviate migraine pain behind the eye and in the neck. If you are unable to find time to go for a massage, you can also apply cold compresses to reduce the pain.

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