How to Increase Your Social Net Worth – 6 Steps to Becoming a Butterfly

Does that say become a butterfly? Well, yes it does. Everyone knows that before a butterfly becomes itself, it gets to be a caterpillar and experience a really cool metamorphosis. It’s in the metamorphosis where you find the lesson for increasing your social net worth.

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Social net working is all the rage and thus, begs the questions why should we be more social? One of the answers to that question si because outgoing people tend to be happier and healthier Wikipedia .

Scientific research shows that we’re all born either extroverts or introverts, and that doesn’t change very much as we go through life. But, no matter if you’re a born extrovert or introvert we can all do certain things that will enhance our approachability in real life and on the internet. When you have a wider pool of human resources in your life, you experience increased happiness, health, relationships and even financial opportunities.

When building our social circle, the most common phrase we use today is networking, but I’d like to put a new spin on things, and call it net-worthing. In my book, net-worthing is connecting to others to increase the inner and outer aspects of your life. Networking is historically associated with connecting to people for business benefits, and that kind of thinking is just so ’80’s!

There are many people out there (maybe you’re one of them) who think that if they increase the numbers of people in their life, either in person or via the net, that they’ll just invite more drama. That’s certainly one way to look at it, albeit a negative one. Yet, I offer to you this maxim, “the more you connect to others the more you’re bound to gain.” What you have to realize is that you get to decide what you’ll gain. You can set your intention for your next net-worthing adventure and decide to only connect to those people who are sending out the kind of vibe that’s characteristic of what you’d like more of in your life.

Even employers have gotten on the net-worthing bandwagon. Many companies are now part of the two most popular social connection environments: Facebook and Twitter. Also, most companies are looking to hire extroverted people. It’s obvious that being connected builds stronger relationships and in the old networking model, the goal isn’t really authentic relationships. Thus, the need to change our thinking.

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