Surprise! Direct Mail That Makes You Sit Up and Take Notice

So many pieces of business-to-business direct mail show such a depressing lack of imagination that it makes me wonder if the companies who are running the campaigns have got money to burn. Every morning when my business mail lands on my desk, at least 5 items go straight into the bin without anything more than a cursory glance at the contents. Only occasionally do I spot an item of direct mail that makes me sit up and take notice and almost inevitably, that mailing piece will come into the category of “dimensional marketing”,

A chunky pack is always going to be more interesting and appealing than a plain, flat white envelope – particularly if the pack is custom-printed with imaginative graphics custom printed mailer boxes near me . Receiving such an item makes you look forward to opening the pack, filled with anticipation of what lies within.

From a personal point of view, I feel somewhat deflated if the contents of such an enticing pack prove to be kind of mundane and ordinary such as a plastic pen, a coaster or a mouse mat. I much prefer it when the designer has excelled by coming up with something different – particularly if the contents create a surprise and have a fun element.

However, inexpensive promotional gifts such as mugs, T shirts and other such paraphernalia, are hardly likely to jump up and grab your attention and so marketing managers must look elsewhere if they are to achieve a unique reaction tailored to their own very specific promotional needs.

It is my contention that imaginative application of cardboard engineering and paper engineering techniques can produce just the effect that might be required. However, not every designer possesses these skills and so it might be necessary to call upon specialist suppliers – namely a printer with a cardboard engineering department. You might be surprised, but there are quite a number of these dotted around the globe!

One type of product that gives a surprise every time has been on the market for quite some time but a couple of imaginative variations have appeared recently. The product that I have in mind is a square cardboard pack with fold-over closing flaps. When the flaps are opened, out jump four rubber-band powered cubes – much to the surprise of the recipient! Different suppliers give a different name to the product, usually something like a Crackerjack, a Springbox or a Jack in a Box.

The variations that I have seen include a compact, pocket sized version with just two pop-out cubes and another where a tray slides out of the pack to release the cubes one after the other. Both are as effective as the original in bringing the elements of surprise and fun to your mailing pack.

These may be simple products but they are both effective and memorable and just as likely to bring direct mail success as a gift costing an awful lot more. They are well worth consideration when your future direct mail campaigns are up for discussion.

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