The Focused Prayer Life

I wonder how many Believers find it difficult to stay focused when they pray. Soon after the salutation and a brief expression of praise and worship are uttered, the supplications and petitions begin their upward journey. If we pass the three minute mark, there is a sense of accomplishment, but from that point on there is an increasing struggle to keep our mind on our one way conversation. Now if we are in a crisis, either imaginary or real, we force ourselves to stay the course, hoping our prayers are reaching beyond our immediate surroundings. If we are praying for others, not fully understanding all the implications of their request, our attention span is severely limited. I know it is difficult to admit that we might have “prayer anemia,” but to go through a form of praying with a lack of excitement and expectation is falling short of what is expected of every Believer.

5 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Prayer Life

Years ago, there was a thing called, “praying through.” What that meant was that you prayed until you felt a release in your spirit, knowing that your faith was carrying your requests to the Throne Room of God. Sometimes those supplications and petitions would take unrecorded time mudink. During those prayer roads to Heaven, one would become so excited in the experience that it was hard to return to the carnal activities of life. Today, we pray through until our mind decides to wander off to things that have no spiritual significance. We try to stay focused, but it becomes a struggle. Now to those who are prayer warriors, this article will have little or no effect. You have identified and understood Satan’s tricks to bombard the mind to keep the spirit from being released within the Believer.

It is very difficult for some Believers to live a truly dedicated life while surrounded by the carnal and tangible things of the world. It is hard to open our Bibles daily and study the Words of life. It is hard to show outwardly the change that has supposedly occurred inwardly. It is hard to be surrounded by the unsaved and still maintain the integrity that the Believer is to exhibit. If we have not been a living example of Jesus Christ in our daily lives, both in our actions and thoughts, it will be very difficult to stay focused when it comes time to having an uninterrupted time with God.

Before God called me into the ministry, I worked in an auto assembly plant in Detroit. When I got home, the first thing I did was take a shower. It felt good to get rid of dirty clothes and wash the grim of the job off me. Why can’t Believers that are working in the world take a spiritual shower with God’s Word? Let us wash the daily influences of the world off our minds through the opening of our Bibles. Let us then open our freshly washed minds so our thoughts are on God. When that happens, our spirit will be released to begin its conversation with God.

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