Visual Memory Training – Tips to Develop Visual Memory Fast!

Ever experienced being introduced to somebody, only to walk away with his name and totally forgetting how he looks like? That when you bump into each other sometime soon, not only will you give your head a good beat up, you will also have to throw in good acting skills as if you knew him all along!

Avoid this embarrassment from happening to you, through fast visual memory training. It actually is quite similar to developing your photographic memory, and it works brilliantly.

Here is how you do it:

1. Give your eyes a break. Not a take-five one, but a big break! Focus on what you see, after all, your eyes is practically one of the most overworked organs in your body, why not capitalize on it? Pay attention to detail, and try to focus on what you see rather than with other senses. You can 兒童潛能 do your training this way by using pictures, taking a good sweeping look and turning it over to see what you remember; also through playing fun memory games abundant on the web.

2. Translate words into images. If you are studying for something, instead of shoveling each word into your head, make life easier by transforming them into drawings, diagrams, and other graphics and illustrations that will make your recall ability stronger. You can also try color-coding them so that once the image pops in your head, the theory associated with it flows like a sweet river too.

3. Practice. You cannot be good at visual memory training if you will go back and forth with particular memory styles. If you choose to be visual, stick with it and develop it. If you choose to be visual, stick with it and develop it. You can even create your own exercise to figure out what works best for you! You really do not need specific practice hours, just take advantage of all the everyday opportunities around you and you will surely be a visual memory Jedi in no time.

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