No Bull Information, by: Dr John Gamble – Book Review

For previous generations, the morning paper perhaps provided the extent of information available about the latest news in national politics, world events, or even available products. Television offered greater access to this material as well as the new pitfalls of more effective advertisements and polished news broadcasts. However, since the rise of the internet and the advent of the information age, we are bombarded with an excess of data that makes all of these former resources seem insignificant. Although having all knowledge effectively at our fingertips may be convenient-and possibly enlightening-there are some drawbacks to this current state. With the demand for quick news clips and summaries, it is sometimes difficult to discern fact from fiction, especially when it regards complex issues.

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Dr. John Gamble, with his new book, No Bull Information: A Humorous, Practical Guide to Help Americans Adapt to the Information Age, provides a solution to this dilemma. Through his experience in teaching at Penn State and writing on various issues, Gamble has become aware of the need for Americans to become more proficient in evaluating all of the information that we encounter on a daily basis agen judi togel . Concerned about the many appeals to emotion in current media as well as the often unclear presentation of statistics and facts, Gamble sees this new information literacy as vital for our own personal lives as well as having greater applications.

In his book, Gamble provides readers with a primer to assessing information properly. Even though the thought of reading about statistics or language nuances may make some cringe, Gamble makes this study easily accessible and honestly fun. Through the introduction of the character Arnbi, the guide for the book, Gamble takes readers step-by-step through the basics of statistics, the hazards of emotional and evasive language, and other considerations for those looking to do anything from vote for a local official to buy a new car. Throughout the book, Gamble provides concrete and clear examples of the principles outlined in the book so that any American, no matter their education, could put them into practice in their daily life.

Although most Americans may consider themselves sophisticated and wise to the ploys of modern marketing and politics, Dr. John Gamble shows in his book, No Bull Information, that this may not be the case. With the amount of data as well as media we view each day, it is understandable that we may reach an overload and simply tune out, acquiescing to the current state of our lives and society. However, with his guidelines, Gamble provides a way to re-engage and demand a greater clarity in how all of this information is expressed. The principles of NBI are thought provoking for even the most jaded consumer; additionally, Gamble’s methods for presenting even the most difficult concepts are extremely effective and engaging. For those readers who might want to know more about living in the current information age, Dr. John Gamble’s No Bull Information: A Humorous, Practical Guide to Help Americans Adapt to the Information Age is highly recommended.

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