Dorothy’s Toto Revealed the “Guru” – Learning Self-Reliance During Challenging Times

The Hero’s journey has been described by Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung throughout the 20Th century. I Just never understood it from the point of view of Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz. In a nutshell, the story is extremely powerful and full of metaphor which is why it remains and will always remain a “classic.”

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What really stood out for me when I was reading about the symbolism involved in the story was how Dorothy goes on a quest to find “home Togel .” To me, home also means for us adults–realizing we want to be of service and use in this world–home means to discover our passion in our occupation.

So, what do we do? We go on a Hero’s journey to discover that yes, we need brains (Scarecrow) or rational to get to where we want to go, second we want to be excited and passionate about what we do as an occupation so we’ve gotta have heart (Tin-man) and third we realize that in order to make it through this journey and to continue to grow in the direction of our dreams, we must have Courage–(Lion). Courage is extremely important if you ask me.

But Oz–the almighty and all powerful Oz that sits behind his silk screen and orders Dorothy and the others of what to do next to pass the test, and make it back home is really symbolic of the Guru’s we seek out to help us on our journey. What I feel is absolutely brilliant about this character is that even though I have been guilty of looking outside myself for the answers, including in “self-help” books, or through others who claim to know more than I do–I never looked at the all powerful Oz in this light before. We are here to become our own PERSONAL Guru and to start looking within for the answers.

Toto is the one that realizes this is wrong–(he is representative of our intuition and notice how much Dorothy protects Toto–her intuition (or you could call it “Chris-consciousness”) from anything that would try to entice or force her to sell-out her beliefs and her values. So Toto pulls back the curtain and shows them who Oz really is– just a little man with absolutely no REAL power to bring Dorothy home! Only she (we) have that power.

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