Is Extenze Reliable?

In today’s culture it is not uncommon for a man to have to feel insecure about the size of his penis. Everything we see and read about in advertising, television, and especially porn tells us that we need to have a humongous manhood, and will have to be able to sustain an erection for several hours if we will ever hope to have a chance at pleasing a woman sexually. It doesn’t help that the other men we know reinforce this belief, too. From the university to the workplace, from locker rooms to bars, we hear men themselves carry on about the importance of size and girth. Given the massive importance society as a whole attaches to manhood, is it any surprise at all that many men feel inadequate about how they measure up?

It is a fact that most men worry about their sexual performance, however a good portion of these men have no need to stress about it. The average penis size is approximately five and a half inches, and the average duration of sexual intercourse (actual thrusting) is between three to five minutes. If you are able to do that, then male enhancement is not necessary for you to increase your partner’s sexual satisfaction Shibuya Kaho . There’s nothing wrong that you cannot correct on your own. What you can do is try slowing down and offering more foreplay. Pay attention to your partner’s needs, and focus on what your partner’s body responds too. Listen to her body’s subtle signs. If she tells you what she wants you to do, so much the better. Go ahead and do it. Do not be insulted over the coaching she gives you. Instead, use it to your advantage. This will go a lot further than any herbal pill.

However for some men, this is not the case. They truly do require an extra boost to help them along the way. For these men, Extenze is absolutely something that they should consider. For those of you asking the question, ” is Extenze a Scam?”, the answer is both a yes and a no. No, because it really does work and can offer some people exactly what they need to have a happy and fulfilled sex life. Yes, because there are so many misinformed people out there who are tricked into buying something they don’t even need in the first place. Extenze will not work for everyone. However, it will work for those men who do in fact have a smaller than average penis (compared to normal people, not porn stars), men who have problems with erectile dysfunction or difficulties becoming aroused (remember that if you’re new to sex, it’s more likely that your erectile dysfunction problems are due to nervousness rather than the need for male enhancement), and men with extreme premature ejaculation(once again, if you are new to sex, it’s more likely that you just need practice). If this does not describe you, Extenze probably cannot help you.

Penis enlargement is a commitment that must be carried out. I feel like anything in life, you need to set yourself a realistic goal, work towards it, meet it and replace it with a new goal. If you continually achieve these goals, however small, you’ll find life will be a whole lot more pleasant.

Now, onto the main goal for you guys – penis enlargement. I’m not going to tell you that I have a magic formula that’s going to give you that porn star growth you’ve always wanted. The porn industry is fake; at the best of times and many those actors are few and far between in terms of their sexual ‘tools.’

We have to be realistic if we are really going to be satisfied with the progress we are going to be making if you decide to follow penis enlargement exercises correctly.

Firstly, penis enlargement exercises, does imply that exercising will be involved. For some of you this may seem daunting or you may have decided this insisted the solution for you. We live in an ‘instant’ society where results are expected in super fast time.

If you want to enlarge your penis the natural way, I’m here to tell you – expect to put in the effort and see the results. If you don’t follow the exercises or take the programme seriously, you’ll never achieve your goals.

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