How to Position Yourself in the Business Online?

The whole point is that you do not want to be telling, explaining, or selling something that a web site, an article or an email can tell, sell and explain for you. Once you start trying to sell someone something, you become a salesman. What you want to be is their guide and mentor. You want to have meetings and conversations with your prospect to be free of pitching and selling. Every time you talk, you want them to be comfortable, open and hanging on everything you say.

If your website does all the selling and pitching and explaining for you, it gives you the freedom to be a real person and ask your prospect about their situation and what they are looking for Tabula Rasa Online Retreat . This way, when you recommend they follow a particular plan of action as a means to help them accomplish their desired outcome, they’ll take your advice seriously as a trusted resource and not suspiciously as a salesman.

This works for any aspect of business. SO much of what we do on a day to day basis is repetitious. We explain/do/say the same things over and over again while working with our leads. If you find yourself explaining the features of your product or service again and again to your customers, write it down and put it on a web site.

So if they ask “What makes you different from the competition?” you do not have to explain things to them. You can say “That’s a great question that a lot of people have, but it would take a while to answer and the answer to that question on my website. Can I send you an email with a link to that answer? This way we can keep talking and the information on the site does a much better job explaining things than I can.”

If it is a one-sentence answer, go ahead and answer it, but in every business there are questions that take a long time to explain, are technical in nature, or need detail and knowledge that you have a hard time conjuring up at the spur of the moment, or you’d rather not answer then. Make a list of these questions and put answers on a web site and offer to send them an email.

Have you ever questioned yourself before? “Who am I?” or “Where am I from?” or “Where do I go after death?” These are common questions for all of us. Most of people do not pay attention to the questions that much. They are already busy enough to focus on daily living in the competitive modern life. When the questions arise, they go to church or temple and let their minister take care of those questions.

However, those are not one-off questions to some people, very few. Those questions are stuck into their head and do not go away. They start to read books or meditate, go to church, read bible or thinking about it seriously or travel around to find the answer. Are you one of them? If so, welcome to the strange land, weird world, now you are a seeker.

Your friends are OK with what a minister preaches. You are not OK, maybe kind of or little bit. You need more. You are more interested in what God is, not only what God’s message. You need essence, the hidden secret. You talk about what God is, or “Who am I?” or other questions deepening into Truth, yet we don’t know what Truth is or about. You just keep questioning. You may not know what you are questioning. Your friends start to give you strange look. If you feel lonely in this subject or you don’t know where to start, this will be a good guide for you, a beginning seeker lost. Remember! You are chosen and blessed. Lot of people have a religion and are interested God or Truth. But very few of them become a seeker. There is no way to find the answers easily and there is no person, book or anything that can give you the answer. Indiana Johns is movie. There is no the Holy Grail when it comes to the spiritual world. Nonetheless, there is useful information helping you on the long spiritual path. It is not easy and could not be fun. However, there is no escape. Your head is in the tiger’s mouth.

Ones personal evolution is the discovery of becoming who they are capable of being by letting life unfold without tightly controlling the outcome; It is based on accepting and loving who we are. And, discovering who we are capable of being.

We don’t always enjoy every event that comes forth in our life. And we shouldn’t expect to. But accepting these times without resistance can assist the process to “flow” along more effortlessly and easily.

Keep this in mind, when we get upset it wasn’t caused by what happened. Our entanglement and resisting causes our distress. The moment we take away these components the upset disappears.

Life is dynamic and unpredictable. When life gets stressful establishing a frame of reference toward what is transcending is beneficial, or we may become own worst enemy. In these moments we are susceptible and may look for relief through our favorite coping mechanism/s such as sugar, alcohol, excess spending, etc, to soothe ourselves.

Sometimes though revolution occurs. As a result of a sudden change in mental landscape our lives can change enormously in one fell swoop. After 20 years, and one failed attempt to quit, one day just I stopped smoking cigarettes. And I haven’t smoked one since.

These about faces, however, are not the customary way life presents itself. Most change takes time to grow and mature. The grooves engraved into our minds by years or decades of habitual conjectures are not wiped away instantly; they do however become fainter for lack of use. This occurs while new paths are created. We build them print-by-print slowly but surely, until they ultimately become well-worn passages.

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