Project Management Courses – The Need For Project Management and Ways to Learn About It

Project Management is the process of applying a systematic approach towards achieving a specific objective. It entails drawing up a project plan by going over the project objectives, brainstorming over how tasks and goals can be achieved, estimating the amount of resources required and coming on a consensus over the budget and time needed for project completion PMP certification cost . The project-management process also extends to the actual implementation stage where project managers ensure that performance is in sync with the plan and that timelines are being followed as per schedule.

Project-Management education as a discipline is fast gaining recognition across the globe, especially in countries like India and China. According to experts, since India and China are pragmatic nations, they acknowledge the importance of Project Management in their development process. Those interested in pursuing a course in Project-Management can choose from five broad options:

Project Management Certificate – A Project-Management Certificate programme is offered by the High Technology Institute, Austin Community College (ACC), Austin, Texas, USA that focuses solely on the IT field. The objective of this programme is to prepare students for the Project Management Professional (PMPĀ®) credential examination. The course can be completed in 119 contact hours along with at least one-year of IT project experience recommended by ACC. This course is available both online and onsite.

Bachelor’s Degree with a Minor in Project-Management – For those looking for a Bachelor’s Degree with a Minor in Project-Management, University of Maryland, the A. James Clark School of Engineering’s Center for Excellence in Project-Management ‘s undergraduate minor programme in project-management prepares students to work on live projects. This programme is especially targeted at students of engineering and architecture and demands a total of at least 60 hours and a score of a 3 grade point average. Moreover, it also requires students pursuing this programme to complete five more courses related to engineering; introduction to engineering project management, legal aspects of engineering practice, project cost accounting and economics, introduction to project scheduling and communications for project managers. According to the college authorities, although a student pursuing this programme will graduate with a minor in project-management, this will nevertheless allow him to become part of a project-management and will particularly see them through their first job.

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