Creatine Health Supplements – Do You Really Need Them?

What exactly is creatine, and why is this supplement so hyped up in bodybuilding forums? Does it really help to build bigger muscles? In a way, it does. First, let’s start by acquiring a basic understanding of what creatine is, and where it comes from.

Creatine is a substance that can be found in our daily diet. It comes from commonly found sources such as chicken and fish. In the human body, it helps in the release of energy. Without it, we will all feel lethargic and listless. We will also feel less alert mentally. So this is a very useful substance for the body.

The amount of creatine that we have in our bodies are enough to cope with daily functions – at least that’s true for most people. But if you lead a very active lifestyle, then you need all the help you can get to cope with your activities. Professional athletes and bodybuilders like to take this as a supplement to help them cope with their training. Imagine having to spend 6 hours a day in the gym or on the bicycle Original Roid24 . A lot of energy is required to sustain that kind of training.

An individual consuming creatine on a regular basis will feel more energetic. The workouts will be more smooth sailing and enjoyable. However, for someone who is just taking the supplement for the first time, the experience may feel strange. This is because the body is still not used to the extra energy that is being released in the body.

Creatine doesn’t directly help build bigger muscles. But because workouts are more consistent due to the higher levels of energy, bodybuilders see better results when they consume this supplement. There is no need to eat a lot of creatine. Just 5 grams a day will be sufficient. Excess consumption can lead to liver problems. Of course, be sure to consult a qualified physician if you are unsure. Research has shown that consuming 5 grams a day is a safe amount and has no undesirable side effects.

The best time to consume the supplement is right before a work out. That way, your energy spikes at the right time. Try not to take creatine at odd intervals. You want your energy levels to be consistent throughout the day. Energy lapses can make you feel depressed. So it makes sense to consume just 1 serving right before your workout. Your energy is then put to good use immediately. Just mix with water or juice and it’s ready to drink. Some creating powders don’t have odors and taste, so you can mix them with your protein shakes.

If you are looking to gain serious muscle mass and get ripped body, then read on. Maybe you are overweight and want to lose all that fat that wrap around your muscular body. Or maybe you are too skinny and looking to gain more weight while not trying to get fat at the same time. Either way, you have to be ready to put in lots of work and follow strict diet plans. But what does it take for you to get that lean, muscular body that models and body builders have. Training and exercises alone don’t really give you the best results in the shortest period of time. You need to train and eat in a totally different ways and remember: if you do what you always do, you will get what you always get.

The first principal to get bigger muscles is to shock your body and muscles by putting more pressure on them. Your muscles are used to the same exercises and to be able to grow bigger, they need a stimulant. For example if you can bench 150 pounds of weight for more than 10 reps, you need to add more weight until you can only do 3-4 reps each time. By putting your muscles under pure pressure like this, you will force them to react and grow bigger.

The second step after intense and resistant workouts is the right diet and nutrition. Without eating right, you put your body at a huge risk of getting serious injury and your muscles will not grow. Eating lots of good protein from poultry, meat, beans, nuts, fish will help replenish your body and give it more power to grow bigger. You should eat 1.5 or 2 times more protein than your body weight. If you weight at 160 pounds, you need to eat 240 to 320 grams of protein a day to make sure you muscles receive enough nutrition to get stronger and bigger.

Drinking lots of water is extremely important for your body to rejuvenate and restore after a hard workout. Drinking 1 to 2 gallon of water a day will make sure your body can flush out toxins and wastes to work properly. You also need dietary supplements in your daily diets. I can’t address this enough because most professional athletes and body builders take vitamins and supplements everyday to boost their energy, metabolism, strength and take their performance to the next level.

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