The Lasting Beauty of Madame Alexander Baby Dolls

Prestige and original quality are the best descriptions for Madame Alexander baby dolls. Created by the founder Madame Beatrice Alexander Berhman the classic look of the Alexander doll came to life nearly eighty years ago. They have grown now to remain one the largest manufacturers of designer dolls in the world because of their ingenuity and classic design らぶどーる .

One of the first dolls that Alexander created was the classic Scarlet O’Hara doll from the timeless movie Gone With the Wind. The doll was so popular that it inspired her to create more dolls from characters based on movies through time. It inspired generations of well made collectors items that people still treasure to this day yet they could be held and played with like real baby dolls.

And speaking of real baby dolls the Alexander designers created the first real life looking baby doll of its time. It set the bar for other doll designers to also create dolls that were more life like and have features that look like the owner is holding a playing with a real baby. It made it not only a fun toy but also a great way to practice holding a real baby someday.

The Alexander Company was also one of the first to make couture sized dolls that were made in proportion to the high fashion that was being designed at the time in doll sized form. It established the adult sized doll in miniature and sparked other designers to make their own lines such as the popular Barbie Doll.

As the company progressed they continued to be fashion forward in their designs and ingenious in their though patterns that sparked other companies to mimic them while they became the original. They continue to this day to create original dolls that are above average in their look and design. All are beautiful yet still functional for holding and playing with.

Madame Alexander Baby Dolls can be found all over the country at several vendors that proudly carry their lines. Their website can be accessed online and you can type in your zip code to find the nearest dealer near you. You can also find dealers online who specialize in antique Alexander dolls which have a specific following for many people.

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