The words “games are addictive” we have often heard everywhere and even all the time. Games or games are indeed something that is most in demand today, both from adults to teenagers and even children. This is because the game can be an alternative to unwind when you have been tired all day long. Not infrequently many of them are willing to spend a long time just to play a game.

Games are addictive, especially for those who can’t control playing time dominoqq terpercaya. Seen how now most people are willing to spend a lot of money just to enjoy a game. Even willing to spend all day just to play games which of course is not a good action.

Especially among students, both teenagers and children, games games are addictive seriously . Many people, especially students, prefer to spend time playing games rather than time spent studying.

This then makes the game seen as something negative for students. In fact, one of the effects given is to make students lazy to study and attend school. Many students today are more familiar with updates about game development than the lessons that they should be pursuing as their responsibilities as students.

Game Makes A Serious Addiction Among Teens

Many games are currently circulating among teenagers and students ranging from offline and online games. And of course, of the two basic games, online games are the most influential in negative behavior for students. These games include PUBG, Call Off Duty (COD), Mobile Legend (ML), Point Blank (PB). In fact, many times it is found that apart from playing games, many students have started to be good at playing gambling-related games such as poker, domino 99 gambling, baccarat and so on.

Many game play or online games are played by students ranging from online games that can only be played on a computer or laptop. Or there are even online games that can be played on smartphones, whether it’s Android or iOS.

Games that have the most ratings or players around the world, on average, have game play or game play with the theme of a war or action and FPS. Of course, this student likes the game not without reason. This is because an action game or FPS is considered more exciting where this game has a storyline about someone who plays can imagine being a military force.

Games are addictive, and thenanother effect is that games cost money. In addition, another effect is to spend the time of the players, who are on average students, where in fact that time can be used for more positive activities, such as helping parents or studying.

The game, of course, has more disadvantages which if discussed one by one will not run out. Even a student’s achievement can decrease just because they often play games. This is not without reason because a student only imagines or only thinks about games when he is at school. This is what makes learning achievement decline because it does not focus on absorbing the knowledge given at school.

Games are addictive is something that should be avoided among young students. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with playing games if playing is done only with the aim of unwinding. But if the game has interfered with life, of course this is not justified. Limit the time you play the game to prevent addiction that can make your performance decline.

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