Many who are in search of finding the best Scottish whisky may find themselves having to try every whisky type and kind to find what is best for their palate. Whisky is spelled without an “e” when pertaining to Scottish, Welsh, or Canadian whisky, while the Irish whiskey and theContinue Reading

Poker is a card game that is played with money; it is not a game of pots that is played with money. A player needs to have some skills; there are no ‘chances’. The players who win in this skill game clearly understand the concept of ‘basic strategy poker’ andContinue Reading

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Alterna is the leader in providing high quality salon hair care products. Alterna was the first company to launch luxury hair products that promised to make hair healthy and beautiful. Their innovative formulas are a blend of rich hair care ingredients and technologies and are the essence of Alterna products.Continue Reading

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